Argumentative Essay Topics (50+ topics) 2022

In an argumentative essay, the main task of the writer is to convince the reader that his side of the argument is strong and logical. A perfect blend of rebuttals and counter arguments can help refute the viewpoint in a better way.

The writer must put up facts, backups and strong arguments that are impossible to fight back. There are many tips and tricks to come up with rebuttals and refutations, but we will save that for another time.

This article will enlighten you with the best topics that students use of a regular basis to write argumentative essays.

How to organize an argument essay?

Your argumentative essay topic should consist of three main parts,

  1. Introduction
  2. Body
  3. Conclusion

But these are just broad terms, these headings will further classify into more details and sections:

  • Introduction: First paragraph of your argumentative essay structure should start off by a Hook. A hook is basically an opening statement that takes your reader’s attention and creates suspense of what will happen further in the essay. Leave a little spark in your hook to keep your reader’s attention intact.

After putting up the hook, give a little background check on the topic of the essay that you are going to write about, try to make a connection. After this part, give your thesis statement.

Thesis statement basically explains the relevance of the topic to the reader, that is being discussed. Your thesis statement should be precise, forceful, specific, and confident.

  • Body: The body includes 4 paragraphs; the first three paragraphs of your essay topic will have supporting claims to your side of the argument. Each of these three paragraphs will have an explanation with details and examples to make it convincing and realistic.

The fourth paragraph in the body will cater to the opposite of the argument. This paragraph will have a total of two counter arguments with refutations (attack).

Recognizing viewpoints that contradict your argument and then restating it constitute a counter argument. After stating the counterargument, make a refutation and state that your side is right and holds more logic and sense.

  • Conclusion: The best trick which is unknown to many people about writing a conclusion is here; repeat your thesis statement in this paragraph with different and whirled around words and in the end put a suggestion/opinion or any prediction of what might happen after this.

The conclusion should be relevant to your argumentative essay topic, see a couple of essay examples to get a know how and then start writing.

Now you are enlightened with the Best Ways to Become a Professional Assignment Writer. Follow the above-mentioned format and write your essay.

Topics For Argumentative Essays:

Controversial argument topics:

  • Banning cigarettes
  • Banning violent video games
  • Requiring school uniforms
  • Using animals for medical research
  • Mandatory military service
  • Requiring a test for people who want children
  •  Lowering the drinking age to 18
  • Banning cellphones in schools
  • Getting rid of zoos
  • Requiring a year of study abroad

Argument Topics for High school:

  • Are we too dependent on Computers?
  • Does Social media’s fame impact one’s life?
  • Will paper money be substituted by electrical money?
  • Can humanity get rid of the internet and continue developing?
  • Are reading E-book worse than reading paper books?
  • Older siblings have more responsibility than younger siblings
  • University teaches you more than college
  • Waking up early is not healthy
  • Do you think Homework teaches anything
  • What is the effect of sexual education on children?
  • Homeschool is better?
  • Homework should be banned.
  • Are digital technologies good for children? 

Social topics:

  • Does illness justify suicide?
  • Should gender discrimination be normalized?
  • Should government ban underage sorcery
  • Old age benefits are waste of money
  • Should drugs be legalized for underage kids?
  • Does social media help you socialize in events?
  • How does fast food cause illnesses
  • Can racism be eradicated from society?
  • Women empowerment is a major issue?
  • Should moving out be normalized before school?
  • Are guy friends better than girl friends 

Argument Topics for college/university?

  • Does tax by tourists influence cultural heritage?
  • Does video games count as a sport?
  • Is a reality tv show an actual life of someone?
  • Are men and women equal?
  • Should we call out bullies?
  • Does Linked In lands you on a job?
  • Social media is more for promotion and less for making friends?
  • Teacher vs parents: who teaches you well?
  • Is there any life after death?
  • Does money keep you happy?
  • Are assignment writing help online worthy?
  • Best friends or sisters?
  • Is hate crime growing exponentially in colleges
  • Should we consider age factors in relationships? 

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