How To Write an Assignment for University UK:

Are you looking for tricks to ace your initial assignment for university UK?

No need to panic. You are among those students who thought university life would be so much easier than hectic hours at college.

You were wrong! That’s what the sound in your head says. But is it the truth? Assignments might give you a hard time understanding, but there are some mindful tips that you must apply to solve this problem.

We have carried out a survey and asked professors from top UK universities including King’s college, UCL, Bayes, imperial college and university of oxford. we asked about their expectations from students when they write an assignment for university UK.

But before we spit the winning tips, let’s look at some main points that you should consider as a freshman or a graduate to write winning assignments for university UK. You will figure out how to:

  •    Understand the assignment brief
  •    Gather information
  •   Make the initial draft
  •    Main body build up
  •    Conclusion
  •    References/citations (visit assignmentech for free references)
  •    Final editing

Before starting your assignments there are two main things that you need to keep a track of:

  • Deadline: Nobody wants to submit a winning assignment even two minutes late than the actual deadline. Save yourself from embarrassment and keep a reminder on your phone. You can download apps like nTask, wunderlist, todoist, etc that help you in your academics. Once you know the deadline you can easily manage other things.
  • Material: university assignments sometimes require stats and research work like online surveys from google forms and approval from the professor. Before you start with the initial draft, make sure you do all the prerequisite before you assignment.

Once you have taken care of these things, now we move on to the real game.

1.     Tips for understanding university assignment briefs: assignment briefs tend to make you understand the main requirements that have been asked and what are you exactly expected to write. Sometimes you are given case studies and other times you have long paragraphs explaining everything.

To optimize your time, the best trick is to underline the important areas and highlight the tasks you’re asked to do and you won’t have to go all over to find one thing.

2.     Gather information: The most accurate and important site where you can find anything related to your assignment is Google scholar. if you are already accustomed to it, you’re good to go. If you’re not, there’s nothing complicated, write google scholar of your search engine and start researching.

Amongst a dozen other research tools for assignment writing, google scholar is free and authentic. You can get data on all kinds of genres with a hundred percent authenticity and accuracy.

3.       Make an initial draft: now you have the relevant stats and data to fill in the requirements.

start with the following things:

  •        title page
  •        table of contents
  •        prologue (for extra recognition)

start attempting the requirements one by one without mistakes and keep a clear eye for errors and repetitions. Professors don’t only want proper solutions; they keep a track of the steps you follow and the effort that you put into solving the cases.

4.     Main body build up: You just have to put in data after the initial introduction which is considered difficult to format. Attach along with some pictures as references and stats from your surveys.

You can also add references of famous writers or authors depending on the kind of topic you’re working on. It gives an image to your professor that you have worked hard gathering all the data and finding relevant resources.

Add links for examples, put bar grams to show trends, draw arrows or underline important areas. Give proper presentation and spotlight them.

5.     Toward the conclusion: The conclusion is expected to be a summary of what you have already stated above in the case of essays and case studies. But there’s a slight difference between summary and conclusion.

Summaries are short extracts of everything in the research work whereas conclusions provide the final response to the research question. It lists the important points to make a conclusion or judgment and provides justification for it. these two are a little confusing.

6.     Add references/citations:  Do research proposals after proper online research. Your professor is very keen to know what are the sources that you opted for and why. The easiest way to do this is to copy the links of all the sites that you used to find data. But if you’ve forgotten to do that, no worries.

There’s another way through which you can add references. Most assignment writing services online offer this service free of cost, you might want to check out Assignmentech for this.

7.     Final touches: this stage will come after you attempt everything that is needed. Make a quick run through Grammarly for errors, run your document through Turnitin for plagiarism check, put the final page numbers on your file, and put your name, ID, section and course code. Cross-check everything with your data and then seal it. 

Through any free online pdf converter, turn your document into a pdf file (if required). It’s very easy you can find plethora of those on google.

Professor Expectations:

Grading assignments for university UK are as difficult as attempting them, professors never want to let go of any of their students’ hard work. Professors don’t seek a paragraph that is paraphrased in a student’s words. While assigning different case studies, essays, write-ups, and research proposals.

They seek:

  • a pattern
  • a series of steps
  • a procedure that their class students follow to attempt the assignments.
  • How much they have gained knowledge by taking classes and how much have they improve
  • compare initial assignments for university UK with term-end reports to see how many improvements they have been successful in making.

The best way to impress your professor is by going to all lengths to do proper research about your topic. Find accurate stats, add all relevant links and images, and make sure whatever you are doing in the end, stick to the main requirements, because otherwise you would end getting a bad grade after all the hard work.

“All the students learn and succeed, but not in the same way and not on the same day”

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