Work Full Time and Study Full Time UK?

It’s fairly understandable that the high tuition fees are not easy to bear by everyone. Students studying at UK colleges and schools try their best to manage work and study full time.

Earning from a young age has dual benefits, but as soon as it starts affecting your studies, you lose interest in university and keep your job a top priority. But this shouldn’t be the case, there’s a reason why some business schools have restricted their students to work and study alongside because in the end their GPA will suffer.

The international students studying in the UK are limited to work for 20 hours maximum a week during their term and then full time after the term ends. balancing work and study during holidays is an effective use of time and resources, study hard in your term and then take a job somewhere when you’re free.

The benefits of earning are higher than studying for obvious reasons because in the short run you get money immediately, but what gives up for it is a degree that secures your future.

The kind of jobs an international student is NOT allowed to do in UK while studying is:

  • Work as a freelancer
  • Start a business
  • Full time jobs
  • Permanent jobs
  • Work as an entertainer
  • Work for an advanced program without holding degree

How Will You Manage Working full time and studying full time?

After school your responsibilities as a student start growing, you get on an advanced level of studying, you have more expenses to cater, you have a dozen assignments to submit and to top it all you must earn as well.

Working part time should be considered by students rather than working full time because it is manageable with university. Or you can do night shifts if you have classes at noon.

The only problem that arises while thinking about working and studying at the same time are the tight assignment deadlines that you need to meet after all. The best way to manage your assignments is to hire someone at a cheap price to do it.

There are many online companies that provide assignments to help the UK to students who face problems while managing their job with studies.

Do your research and find a trustworthy online assignment help that can live up to your expectations and do your assignments on your behalf without anyone knowing. Usually, students at university opt for services that are convenient and complete their assignment before the deadline, have a look at the cheapest assignment help online

Can you work full time and study full time?

Make a routine that fits both, try to avoid unnecessary hangouts and parties. You will have to make timetables, proper schedules, and meal preps for your weekdays to make sure you don’t skip either work and study.

Here’s a list of things that you should do:

  • Make schedules: once the week starts and you know what your workload will be, you should make a timetable of how long you would stay at home and what time you will get free for doing due assignments and catch up on university lessons.
  • Make a checklist: the best way to feel productive is to make a checklist and keep on ticking things that you have done. It fills purpose in the undone tasks, and you have a proper track of your upcoming tasks, events, work deadlines, assignment deadlines, work commitments, hangouts, university trips and classes.
  • Make contacts at your work and study: nothing feels better than your workmate filling you in, in case of emergency. Get acquainted with people who are students like you, so they understand your situation and help you if something else important comes up. Same goes for your college.
  • Set goals every week: set a specific goal for every week, it drives motivation in you when you achieve your goal and get onto the other one. Set milestones like ‘complete the first chapter by Friday and understand learning outcomes.’ Start with easier ones and then go on to bigger one. This is the key to balancing work and study.
  • Make full use of extra time: you must be wondering how extra time can be extracted from an already tough schedule but believe me, the dearest thing to teenagers is sleep. Try to cut down on sleep and start getting up early. Studying and working full time on the weekdays and getting up early on weekend is more fruitful than pulling an all-nighter to study. Don’t do this every week, try to manage waking up early on alternative weeks.

List of the most convenient jobs for UK students (key to balancing work and study):

Following is the list of jobs for students who are confident in studying and working full time, both nationals and internationals:

  • Personal assistant
  • Delivery guy
  • Sales assistant
  • Gardener
  • Customer representative
  • Residence guider
  • Translator
  • Online assignment writer
  • Finance assistant
  • Newspaper distributor
  • Photographer
  • Personal tutor
  • Society leader
  • Chauffeur
  • Bartender
  • Graphic designer
  • Cashier
  • Book seller
  • Store assistant
  • Pet caretaker
  • Home sitter
  • Brand ambassador
  • Blogger
  • Fitness instructor
  • House helper 

What is the part-time pay?

The current minimum wage rate of 2022 are:

Under 18: NOW £4.55 WAS £4.35
18 to 20: NOW £6.45 WAS £6.15
21 to 24: NOW £8.20 WAS £7.70
25 and over: NOW £8.72 WAS £8.21

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