Mastering Essay Writing in 2023: A Comprehensive Guide in 7 Steps

For students, essay writing skills is quite a crucial aspect for their academic success, as it enables them to express their thoughts in words, critically evaluate complex topics, and demonstrate their understanding on various modules. As of 2023, the art of essay writing is continuously evolving as much as the competition in academics. This brief yet inclusive guide to essay writing tips demonstrates seven crucial steps that will help students to write one of the best essays. The following guide includes both modern and traditional approaches but in an enhanced way to ensure that students are fully prepared with the essential tools to excel before they can write the best essay.

Step 1: Understand the topic

The basis of a well-written essay is to have a clear understanding on the topic of the essay. It can be a persuasive argument, literary analysis, or a research paper, take time for mindful mapping of the topic or the essay question. One way of doing this is to find the correct keywords, directives, and phrases that reflect on the purpose and scope of the essay. Action verbs like “evaluate”, “discuss”, “analyze” should be implemented every now and then in the essay to guide your essay in a critical path (please note that the action verbs are answered regarding the topic, they are not directly added as it is). By achieving this approach, you will lay a strong basis for a relevant essay that strikes directly on the topic or question of the essay. 

Step 2: Plan Your Essay

As you start writing the essay, draft a structure plan for the essay which you will stick by through out the essay. If you draft your thoughts in a clear structure prior writing, it will help you maintain coherence and precision throughout the essay.  The standard structure of an essay includes three sections: Introduction to the topic, body paragraphs (main content), and the conclusion (topic summary). Essay writing formats have evolved and can be different in terms of its discipline therefore, students must be familiar of the appropriate referencing style to cite the sources used according to the tutor requirements (e.g., APA, MLA, Chicago). To make your essay more coherent, you should add a thesis statement – it is a brief summary about the main purpose or argument of the essay.

Step 3: Research and Gather Evidence

2023 is the time of knowledge abundance, research can be accessed more easily than ever. When you are writing an essay, take abundant help from online scholarly journals, databases, and reputable websites to collect pointers that support your arguments and evidences to make your essay more authentic and timeless. However, you should be mindful of your sources in terms of their reliability and relevance to your essay topic as it is one of the crucial requirements in attaining essay writing skills. You should cite your resources properly and follow the required style of referencing and in-text citations. The use of authentic and high-quality sources in the essay will validate your arguments and strengthen your claims.

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Step 4: Craft a Captivating Introduction

In today’s evolving dynamics and competitive academic world, it is quite crucial to catch reader’s attention. To do this, you must start your essay with a captivating introduction that grasps the reader’s attention as it provides a basis and background of your essay topic. This can be done through starting the essay with an interesting anecdote, thought-provoking quote, or a surprising statistic that is vibrant enough to catch reader’s interest. The thesis statement is written in the introduction, then provide the readers with an overview about the roadmap of the essay and what should the readers expect from it. A well-written introduction enhances the entire tone of the essay.

Step 5: Develop Coherent Body Paragraphs

The essay body should be well structured with organized paragraphs, right grammar usage (use a single tense for the essay throughout). The paragraph should start with a clear sentence that introduces the main point being discussed in the rest of the paragraph. In 2023, readers prefer brief and to the point content/arguments. You must back your content with authentic evidence and examples for the research. Make sure you transition from paragraph to paragraph smoothly that ensures the flow of your essay without any irrelevant statement. For clarity and coherence, avoid complex sentences and excessive jargon.

Step 6: Revise and Edit

Revising an essay after writing it might sound as a secondary step but IT IS a primary step for a clear and coherent essay. For a refined essay, recheck the spelling, punctuations, style errors, and grammar before finalizing. Check the clarity of your sentences and the structure to avoid confusion to the reader. Get it checked from trusted peers, online essay writing services as they can uncover better essay writing formats. Don’t give up on multiple revisions before finally submitting the body of your essay for coherent excellence.

Step 7: Craft a Memorable Conclusion

The last tip of essay writing tips is concluding the essay in a strong yet concise way that summarizes the findings of your essay. Briefly pen down the main pointers and rewrite your thesis statement as written in the introduction but in different words. In 2023, readers are fond of essays with lasting imprint. You must connect your conclusion to the arguments discussed in the body and offer a thought-provoking reflection. Be mindful to not introduce any new ideas or thoughts in the conclusion; instead, support the key takeaways from the essay.


Traditional principles and modern tools both play a crucial role in mastering essay writing skills, considering the ever-changing landscape of essay writing. From understanding the topic of the essay, drafting a structure, carrying out relevant research, writing appealing introduction, developing the right structure of the paragraphs, diligently revising, to concluding effectively, students can excel essay writing skills in 2023. These seven essay writing tips provide a solid basis to resolve the evolving changes in essay writing domain and help them in producing essays that are engaging and informative. Not to forget, in this digital age continuous improvement and practice are key to become an expert essay writer.

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