Once we shake hands with our client, we make sure all the details stay confidential and private.

Following is the privacy policy of assignmentech, have a look:

  • We gather data when the customer is placing the order. Personal details like name, country, phone number, card details, email, and assignment attachments etc. are vital for us for further processing. We assure total privacy of your information and in case of submitting the assignment directly to the clients LMS, we ensure our identity will be hidden.
  • When a client visits our site for any information, the details of IP address and date/time of visiting plus web browser are saved automatically. They don’t give any threat to the user. This is purely for the purpose of our development and insights.
  • The cookies on the website help us analyze the online experience of our visitors. From the marketing point of view these cookies help us regulate the traffic and recognize if the online visiting is optimized for our visitors or not. With the assistance of sufficient cookies, we figure out relevant gaps on the website and work on it for a better and easier experience for future visits.
  • The details of our client are not disclosed to anyone, not even the writer. The institute will not ever know about the online help you took while attempting the assignments. The papers are 100% without plagiarism and no paper is copied. No trace is left behind to compromise the authenticity of papers.
  • We save the information so that when an existing client comes to order again, he/she doesn’t have to go through the long process of filling the form, you can just simply go on WhatsApp and order your next assignment.
  • It is our utmost responsibility to safeguard your data and personal details.
  • If you wish to talk to the writer, we forward your details so you can have a one-on-one chat without any disruptions.
  • We do not give client information to any outside party.
  • We update the privacy policy once a year, so it’s advised that you keep a check because otherwise we will not be responsible for anything. Everything is clear cut mentioned here.
  • If you feel like your privacy is being compromised, you can always get on chat and ask for your assurance. Our chat representative is given all the data about your previous orders.
  • We take full responsibility for our actions, but we advise you to do full research before placing your order. There are many scams online that can prove to be very professional, but a smart mind always compares the best from the worst. Make sure you look at the samples, reviews, chat, WhatsApp and then take your decision.

We hold the right to disclose the information as per the law if any problem is faced. On our end, everything is behind the curtain, and nothing is disclosed without our client’s approval. On the other hand, if we figure out any unethical behavior on your end, we take very strict actions against it.